Custom Software

Custom Software

  • Pre-Project Consulting

    This stage helps you answer the question, “what exactly should I build?”

    The first thing we do is ask and listen to questions. We learn about your organization and your project in order to understand your needs. If your goals and our services match, we’ll work with you to develop a proposal. The proposal serves as a detailed description of your project, including time and budget estimates. We use project requirements, historical data, and our knowledge to develop an estimated cost. At this point, the estimate will have the broadest range. However, as we learn more about the project, the estimate will be refined.

  • Research, Design, and Planning

    This stage ensures that we are always building the right application and it works securely across multiple platforms.

    Your project begins with research. We must study your business, your user needs, the potential risks, and future opportunities. We will do this through discussion, workflow designs, and brainstorming possible solutions. Once the problem is identified and we agree on the right solution, we’ll plan the features that will support the core applications and create an accurate project cost and estimated time schedule.

  • Development, Q&A, and Feedback

    This stage creates appealing, easy-to-use interfaces that delight your users and make your organization look great.

    All of our design and development practices are aimed at generating simple, productive, and highly usable applications. We build your custom software in stages, one fully-tested feature at a time, rather than creating many incomplete features all at once. The goal is to add value to the project at each stage of development. This stage is an intense cycle of Q&A and client feedback. This process ensures that the software is always well-designed and fully tested.

  • Product Launch

    This stage gets your product to your people with minimum hassle.

    We help you determine the proper hosting and distribution mechanism for your software. Whether it’s internal or cloud based, our focus is to get your software safely deployed and responsibly hosted. Whether your organization is new or you have your own technical staff, we’re available for the long-term to maintain and extend your application. The quality of our work means your maintenance costs will be low. The quality of our company means we will be here for the long-term.

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