Frequently Asked Questions

All projects begin with our pre-project consulting process. The point of these meetings are to size up your project before moving forward with Research and Design.

Yes, we are always evaluating new projects. The pre-project consulting process takes around 2 weeks to determine if we are good fit for your organization.

Most communication will be between the Team Leader and the client. However, every member of Team V is empowered to communicate with our clients.

Status Updates
These will be done via telephone calls. The purpose of these calls will be to cover: what has been worked on, what is going to happen next, and to address any questions/issues.

Release Notices
These will be done via email. The emails will be sent by the Team Leader to the Client outlining what has happened since the last phase and what is ready for testing and feedback.

We can’t answer this question until we understand your project, organization, and users. It’s difficult to know the specific costs of the project without going through discovery, however we are very good at setting a responsible budget before you hire us.

For projects that are a total fixed fee, we progress bill in phases once they are complete. For all other projects, we track our time and bill by the hour.

Our rates vary over time, but we try to keep our blended rate between $125/hour to $150/hour.

Yes, a contract will have to be signed for each project. Each contract will define the budget and provide the structure for the phases of the project.

Team V Technology will work with you to determine hosting options and to develop the appropriate support package.

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